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VaporLinQ Subscriptions

VaporLinQ always aims to help its customers wherever possible, and one thing we have been asked about is a Subscription Plan, to avoid running out of liquid/puff bars and having to rder at the last minute which can be very annoying.

The Subscription Plans we are able to over are based on a monthly subscription - just follow the instructions below to get your order regularly and with a small discount.  Please be aware that discount codes that we issue from time to time are not applicable on subscriptions.



Once you find the product(s) you want to add to your monthly subscription'

Log in or register for a new account to activate the Subscribe button.

Add a quantiy of one to your cart - you will edit the quantity later - if you choose more than a quantity of one per item at this stage you will not be able to add them as a subscription.

When you review your cart at checkout you can then edit the order to the quantity of the item you require.

Make payment of your initial order.

On the monthly anniversary of your order your payment card will automatically be debited the same amount.


What if I want to stop my subscription?

While we would prefer you not to change or end your subscription we are of course aware that needs change.  Simply log into your account and you will see a new menu option call My Subscription, within there you will see your subscription items and have the opportunity to cancel the subscription.


Can I add different items to my subscription?

You can add as many different products as you want to the subscription and all will use the same date, payment method and delivery method.


What if the product I want isn't available on Subscription?

Just email and we will, where possible, add the item to the products available for subscription.  If we are unable to do so we will of course let you know.